The basic men's wardrobe has three primary elements: the suit, the dress shirt and the necktie. The suit is the foundation, the base of your wardrobe. Buying a suit is one of the most important clothing decisions you'll make - consider it an investment. If you don't wear a suit every day, choose a suit from the gray family and one from the blue family. You will also need a navy blazer or sport coat with a pair of Khaki or gray trousers. If you wear a suit every day, then you should have at least one suit for each day of the week.

Some things to look for in the correct fit of your suit:

  • The sleeves should taper, gradually ending just over the wrist so the shirt cuff extends about 1/2 inch beyond the jacket sleeve.
  • The length of the pants in the front should touch the front of the shoe and angle towards the back of the shoe to fall just above the heel.
  • Cuff or no cuff is a personal choice.

A few tips to prolong the life of your suits:

  • If you wear a suit every day, daily rotation is essential. Never wear the same suit two days in a row.
  • After wearing a suit, don't necessarily have it dry cleaned. Cleaning can be tough on clothing - and expensive.
  • After wearing a suit, don't immediately hang it in a closet. Let the suit air-out overnight, preferably in a valet.
  • Always purchase the best suit your budget can afford.
Man in Suit